City Boundary
City Centre Boundary
HMR Pathfinder Boundary
Panel Area Boundary
Peak Park Boundary

Allocation Areas

Business and Housing
Business and Industry
Business Area
City Centre Core Retail
City Centre Shopping Street
Conservation Area
Controlled Night Time Uses Zone
District Centre
Flexible Use
General Employment Area
Green Belt
Historic Park, Garden or Cemetery
Hospital Area
Meadowhall Shopping Centre
Neighbourhood Centre
New Retail Quarter
Open Space
Priority for Offices
Site Allocation
University and College Area
Waste Management Area

Nature Conservation

Culverted Waterway
Green Link
Local Nature Reserve
Playing Field
Scheduled Monument
Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC)
Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)
Waterway, Reservoir, Lake, Pond or Dam

Transport and Infrastructure

Final Phase Inner Relief Road
Gateway Location
Gateway Route
High Frequency Bus Route
Key Route
Priority Area for Controlled Parking Zones
South Yorkshire Forest Boundary
Supertram Route
Walking/Cycling Route